Don't Touch The Blue Globe

“I came up with the track first and the video was conceived much later, even though originally nobody had planned to make it in the first place. I believe that the piece is time-tested, despite the fact that it hasn’t been released in any shape. The song is very visual and therefore it fits the style of animation we came up with. As for the message of the song itself – the subject of ecology being so over-used and exploited – it’s always interesting to try a different approach to it, and it’s fun to see what rap would be like if it was spat by Greenpeace. But this is not a project of that sort, and the organization had nothing to do with it”. – Mc Mesijus

Screenings and awards:
59th International Oberhausen short film festival.
Korean short film festival.
Zubroffka international short film festival.
M.A.M.A award for the Best Lithuanian Music Video 2013.

Mc Mesijus- text
Dj Trick – Beat
Ignas Meilunas
Mykolas Piekuras
Artiom Brančel (A.Bran)
Antanas Dubra
Ruta Sakalauskaite- make-up
Two dicks – post-production

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