Who is A.Bran?



I am a freelance  illustrator from Lithuania-Vilnius, currently based in Portugal.
I work with illustration, art direction, animation, objects, workshops, scenography and ideas. Feel free to get in touch regarding various projects.

For any questions contact me via email artiombra@gmail.com

2018 “FORMA DELUXE” Untitled art project, Porto, Portugal
2017 “SALADDAYS” art space Studium P, Vilnius, Lithuania
2017 “UNDERSKIN” art space Studium P, Vilnius, Lithuania
2017 “SOULPLAYGROUND” art space Studium P, Vilnius, Lithuania
2017 “LIFE VS HOPE” gallery “LOW” , Riga, Latvia
2016 “FILTHY JAZZ” art space Studium P, Vilnius, Lithuania
2013 “EGO GAMES” gallery La Maison Blue/Dirty8. Strasbourg, France
2013 “I’M EGOIST” culture center Panke E.v. Berlin, Germany

2015 “ 550” gallery “VARTAI”, Vilnius, Lithuania
2015 “MONOLITAS” culture center Kablys. Vilnius, Lithuania
2010 “FREE ART CELEBRATION” culture center Projecthause. Potsdam, Berlin
2006 “DOWNSTREAM SEED” culture center KKC, Klaipėda. Lithuania

2017 Ballpitmag online magazine
2017 Labadiena “Tales of magic“ book.
2017 DesignBoom online magazine “Stars Over Scars”
2016 Form magazine N264 “Land of Design Lithuania”
2016 SIC#3 fanzine “Grosse Eclate”
2015 Popper magazine “Girlfriend”
2015 ,,Man who knew everything,, book.
2014 Copmulsiv “Unfinished _Volume”
2014 SIR magazine “Workspace”

MC Mesijus -„Don’t Touch the Blue Globe“ :
59th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen
Oberhausen, Germany
05 02-07, 2013

Asiana International Short Film Festival
Seoul, South Korea
November 7 – 12, 2013

8th International Short Film Festival ŻUBROFFKA
Białystok, Poland
December 4-8, 2013

The 7th ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival
Berlin, Germany
October 16 – 19, 2014

ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival – Festival Presence – 2015:

Vienna, Austria

Filmfestival Weiterstadt
Weiterstadt, Germany

3. Lange Nacht der Filmfestivals
Berlin, Germany

2014 “M.A.M.A” awards for the best Lithuania music video clip ,,Don’t touch blue globe,,
2014 “LNK GO” best Lithuanian video ,,Don’t touch blue globe,,